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Activities Schedule

May 21 -Bingo Night-

May 28 Tournament Time -Live Music -Fly Casual-

June 04 Scavenger hunt-Karaoke-

June 11 Easter In June -Karaoke-

June 18 Camper Appreciation -DJ-

June 25 Kids Carnival Live Music -Fly Casual-

July 2 Water Wars Live Music -DJ-

July 09 Wild West Games -DJ-

July 16 Casino Night Live Music -The Ya Ya Boys-

July 23 Back to The 70s,80s,90s Live Music -DJ-

July 30 Camping Game Olympics -Fly Casual-

August 06 Game Show Weekend -DJ-

August 13 Halloween -Live Music -Colin Marshall-

August 20 Tye Dye Time-Live Music-Colin Marshall-

August 27 Star Wars -Live Music -Fly Casual-

Sept 3 Texas Hold'em-Live Music -Thryll-

Sept 10 Chili Feed

Sept 17 Arcade Game Tournament 

Sept 24 Taco Time

October 02 End of the Season Party -DJ-

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